Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 208 - Thursday Thunks [9]

Welcome to the July 2nd version of Thursday Thunks!
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog.

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want. Write about it on your blog... simple as that. Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post. Please mention us in your post, and link back to the blog here.Don't forget to go visit the other participants' blogs. Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks! Thats what all this is about afterall, isn't it? We'll have so much fun and become lifelong friends....

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the number 14 and the color of your mother's hair dye.

1. When you close a door, do you close it quick and just let it slam or do you hold the knob and slowly shut it tight?

I do both, depending on how quite I want to be. I try to do it quietly all the time but I've been known to let doors slam all the time.

2.Train A is moving at 60 miles an hour. Train B is moving at 22 miles an hour. They will pass each other at X time. Now what color shoes are you wearing when train A derails?

This is question I failed on the SAT!!!! Thanks so much for bringing the dreadful memory back *sobs* Who cares what color shoes I'm wearing, the train derailed, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

3. What if M&M's grew on trees? What color M&M tree would you have?

How awesome would that be?! I would have a lot of M&M trees in my yard. I would have one for EVERY color. Then go M&M picking every day! YAY =)

4. How many petals on a flower does it take to make it the perfect bloom?

No need to have a certain number of petals. The perfect bloom is simply a flower that isn't afraid to open itself entirely to the world!

5. I took you to spend $421.67 on you, what did we spend that money on?

Books no doubt, and maybe a non-fat, extra hot, white mocha. No whip please =)

6. If you were a squash, what type of squash would you be?

I'm not a huge fan of squash but I can eat it. How bout butternut squash. I hate the flavor I just like the name =)

7. Have you ever gotten a wrong number call and ended up talking to the person for longer than 5 minutes?

Not that I can recall. If I have I'm sure it wasn't by choice. It was probably the other person not wanting to shut up because they were lonely.

8. Why haven't you joined Berleen & Kimber at Insanity Cafe yet? Do we stink?

That's a good question. I have no idea why, I'll have to check it out. As to question about if you two stink, well you don't smell that bad =)

9. Now for one of Ber's questions back when TT was brand new... Shampoo bottles say lather, rinse, repeat... do you?

I'm afraid not. I'm a one time lather kinda gal. Gotta be economically smart these days. Shampoo doesn't grow on trees like M&Ms.

10. It's July, the year is half over. Do you see it as "whew that part is over" or best is yet to come?

I see it more as, "God damn, where the hell did the first half of the year go??"

11. Why do you do the Thursday Thunks meme?

Because it's uber fun! Gives everyone a chance to get to know one another. I have to do better on commenting and visiting other Thunkers though, shame on me!


Melissa said...

Lol at #9.

Great answers :-)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I roared at "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" but "God damn, where the hell did the first half of the year go??" was great as well. You da bomb. Well done...

Mishel said...

Thanks Melissa =)

And Bud, you totally made my night lol. Glad you liked the answers!

Lenore said...

Your new header is so cute! Are those erasers?

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