Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 23

Christmas went well. The house finally has full electricity now, which is such a relief. Sometime right before Christmas our whole neighborhood completely blacked out for maybe 10 minutes. As soon as I found enough candles to light up the main rooms the lights came back on, but only for half of the house. And having our Christmas tree up along with all the lights outside didn't help. We had extension cords everywhere!

So everything is back up and running and the holiday is sort of winding down. Not so much at work I'm afraid. Today seems to be 'National Bring All the Children You Know to the Aquarium Day'. Hah. Kids everywhere! And we've only been open for two hours. sigh. We were busy this past weekend as well.

Waiting for 2009 is driving me crazy. I have a bunch of books I'm excited to get started on but I can't until the new year comes. So since I finished Guilty Pleasures I had to find something to keep me preoccupied for the next couple of days. I picked Bush vs. The Beltway because it was just lying around. An ex of mine left it at my house and I was never really interested in reading it. I'm still not, hah, but it's better than nothing. I might not even finish it because once Jan 1st hits I'm ditching it for the good ones.

Lunch time is coming up. I'm trying to lose weight and since I drink so much starbucks I was going to cut it back to just getting it on the weekends. And I know today is Monday but I really think I'm gonna get a coffee today =( Not a venti though. I'll get a tall. Hah, I'm terrible.


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