Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 16 - Sunlight Moonlight

Sunlight Moonlight
Amanda Ashley

Synopsis [from back cover]

He came from across the universe - a tawny, powerful stranger more perfect than any mere mortal. Yet when Micah crash-landed on earth, not even his boundless strength could help him resist the temptations of one stunning beauty. Trapped on a world not his own, tracked by enemies bent on destroying him, Micah fought to preserve his very life even as he ached to claim the love that would take him to heaven and beyond.
Long had Navarre dwelt in darkness, yearning to end his cursed solitude. A vampire doomed to eternal night, he had searched through the ages for a woman brave enough to desire him, a lover bold enough to embrace him. And when Navarre at last found her, he swore that together they would savor the joys of undying ecstasy and surrender the dawn.


I finally finished this book. And I gotta say I was really disappointed with the book. I remember picking up an Amanda Ashley novel when I first started to read paranormal romance. I liked the first couple of novels I read so much that I decided to go read some of them on her backlist. I like to read in order, even if it's not in a series. I've been disappointed with a lot of them of her older novels. And now I get to Sunlight Moonlight and I just wanted to put the book down repeatedly.

Sunlight really drove me crazy. Lainey's feelings towards Micah are so over the top crazy. She fell in love with someone she had practically just met. From the first few pages I wanted to close the book and throw it at Lainey herself. She just blew off all of the strange things happening around her and just acted so clueless. It wasn't innocent and cute, it was annoying and naive. When she spends the night at the abandoned house and a fire randomly starts, she just stays there claiming she feels completely safe. And then when the orange juice magically manifests itself the next morning she doesn't seem all that bothered by it. I instantly disliked her and I suppose that ruined the rest of the story. I just kept rolling my eyes at every scene pretty much. I was just very disappointed and I thought Amanda Ashley could have done a lot more with the story. I needed a lot more character development. I mean I really liked the concept of the plot and the fact that Micah was an alien. That was really interesting and I have yet to read many books about a stranded alien that falls in love with a earth-woman. But I mean come on, this was just ridiculous.

Moonlight was much better than the first part. But I still felt that this story was lacking. Navarre was given a lot more development than the characters in the first story with his background and how he spent most of his life locked up just to become a sacrifice. But his attraction to Katlaina made me roll my eyes too. It just seemed annoying to me that these couples were falling so hard and so quickly without knowing anything about the other person. It basically drove me bonkers. Adrianna's attraction wasn't much better. She repeatedly threw herself at Navarre. I do like that he at least didn't just throw his hands up and say "Oh, I'm so in love with you". But he ends up doing just that after putting up a small fight to keep her away. I just felt that the entire book was thrown together very quickly without a lot of effort or thought given to the development of the emotions or story.

I don't mean to sound so harsh. I really enjoy Amanda Ashley. It may just be that this book was a complete turn off for me. Maybe I've just read too many stories like this one that was done a little better.


Anonymous said...

Booger! I really hate when that happens.

Mandy said...

Sorry you didn't like Sunlight Moonlight. I had fun writing both stories. Glad you've at least enjoyed some of my other books.

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