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Day 197 - Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned
Laurell K. Hamilton

Series or Stand Alone: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series, book three

Release Date: January 2, 2007

Publisher: Berkley Trade (Originally published by Ace in paperback - May, 1995)

Pages: 320 (Trade Size - reprint)

My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis [from]:

I'm Anita Blake, expert on creatures of the night. I've dined with shapeshifters, danced with werewolves, and been wooed - but not won - by Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire of the City.

And now a darkly dangerous vampire named Alejandro has hit town. He too wants me for his human servant. A war of the undead has begun. Over me.

I would be flattered. If my life weren't at stake.


Poor, poor Anita. She can never seem to get a break. She's called on again by Dolph and the police to help look at some more "unusual" murders in St. Louis. Anita suspects a rogue master vampire after seeing the victim and bite marks on him from a number of different vamps. The only way to find out if a master vampire is on the loose is to go ask Jean-Claude, which she really doesn't want to do.

At her meeting she meets an ally master vamp of Jean-Claude's named Yasmeen. Beautiful but deadly, she challenges Anita while trying to seduce her at the same time. It seems Anita's refusal to fully accept and become Jean-Claude's human servant is causing him some political tension. Apparently many are questioning his power because of Anita and her stubborn ways. But frankly, there's no way in hell she's gonna be anyone's servant. And that includes this new vampire, Alejandro, who has been around since the Aztec's time. He wants Anita too and he won't go about it as gently and subtly as Jean-Claude has.

Everyone seems to want to know who the Master of the City is and where the Master rests. She's confronted left and right from people that want to kill him and vampires that want to challenge him. She can't betray Jean-Claude...or can she? She sure doesn't want the two vampire marks he gave her, but can she actually give him up to die...

If that isn't enough for Anita, she has to train a new animator, Larry Kirkland. Barely out of college, Larry is entirely too enthusiastic about his job and he wants to be a vampire hunter. Anita feels he's too young and innocent for the job but Larry is persistant. She also has to deal with a prospective love interest after meeting Richard Zeeman at the Circus of the Damned. Richard, a junior high school science teacher, is somehow involved with the paranormal mess that is always around her. So she definitely has a feeling that he's got a secret that he's just not sharing...But he's human so why not date him?

The third installment of this series was GREAT! There was paranormal activity all over the place and characters being introduced like crazy, but not once did I get confused. I was totally wrapped up in the story. I also really like how the first three novels have been named after a place in Anita's world. I think it's so cool. I can't wait for to read The Lunatic Cafe. If you haven't started the series, hop to it!!

I'd like to leave you all with two quick little snippets which will hopefully make you want to read more about Anita and her world =)
" ' If the master eats you, can I have your nifty coveralls?' Zerbrowski asked.
'Buy your own, you cheap bastard.'
'I'd rather have the ones that have enveloped your luscious body.'
'Give it a rest, Zerbrowski. I'm not into little choo-choos.'
'What the hell do trains have to do with anything?' Dolph asked.
Zerbrowski and I looked at each other. We started giggling and couldn't stop. " (14)
" The door was heavy wood with some flowering vine carved into it. The doorknob was white with tiny pink flowers in the center of it. It was an awfully feminine door. Of course, no rules against men liking flowers. None at all. It was a sexist comment. Forget I thought it. " (34)



Teddyree said...

Really enjoyed your review, I keep meaning to pick up a Laurell K Hamilton book but I just don't know where to start (well that's my excuse anyway lol)

Dar said...

I love this series! I just picked up her newest one although I still have to read last years but it's been a great ride up till now!

~ames~ said...

I love these early Anita books. I just finished Blood Noir and have Skin Trade waiting for me. She's come a long way since the Circus!

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