Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge: New Author Challenge

I didn't quite finish this challenge last year (38/50). I'm going to try for 50 again and see what happens.

To find out more about this challenge, or to sign up, visit Literary Escapism here

  1. Alice Clayton (The Unidentified Redhead)
  2. Joan Frances Turner (Dust)
  3. Artist Arthur (Manifest)
  4. Gail Giles (Dark Song)
  5. Ella Drake (Jaq's Harp)
  6. Cheryl Landmark (Wind and Fire)
  7. Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)
  8. Alice Hoffman (The Ice Queen)
  9. Pamela Callow (Indefensible)
  10. Flynn Meaney (Bloodthirsty)
  11. Jessica McQuinn (Indivisible)
  12. Artie Bennett (The Butt Book)
  13. Allen Williams (The Witches' Kitchen)
  14. Amy Holder (The Lipstick Laws)
  15. Darren Shan (Birth of a Killer)
  16. Diane Haeger (The Queen's Rival
  17. Kersten Hamilton (Tyger Tyger)
  18. Scarlet Blackwell (A Vampire in Whitechapel)
  19. Neil Plakcy (Rhiannon)
  20. L.A. Weatherly (Angel Burn)
  21. James Hutchings (Two-Fisted Tweets)
  22. James LePore (A World I Never Made)
  23. Susan May Warren (My Foolish Heart)
  24. Evelyn LaFont (The Vampire Relationship Guide, Vol 1)
  25. Ethan Cross (The Shepherd)
  26. Dawn McCullough-White (Cameo the Assassin)
  27. Jools Sinclair (44)

Male = 9
Female = 18


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