Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday [74] - Putting Makeup on Dead People


It's been four years since Donna Parisi's father passed away, but it might as well have been four days. Donna makes conversation and goes through the motion, but she hasn't really gotten on with life. She's not close with anyone, she doesn't have a boyfriend and she's going to college at the local university with a major that her mother picked. But one day Donna has an epiphany. She wants to work with dead people. She wants to help people say goodbye and she wants to learn to love a whole person--body and soul. She wants to live her life and be loving, at grieving and at embalming and cremating,too. Even as she makes the decision, things start to change. Donna makes friends with the charismatic new student, Liz. She notices the boy, Charlie, at her table and realizes that maybe he's been noticing her, too. And she begins to forgive the rest of her family for living their lives while she's been busy moping.

Reason: I don't think I've ever seen a book about morticians let alone a YA book featuring a mortician. It's so different and definitely grabbed my attention. The title is pretty nifty too because it makes readers look twice and think what the book could be about.

Cover Discussion: Eh, it's okay. I'm not crazy about it. I definitely think something more could be added or something.

Expected Release Date: July 26th


Ladytink_534 said...

I remember hearing about a great series last year over on Darla D's blog about a teen who is working as a coroner-in-training or something like that. The idea is too creepy for me.

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