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Day 144 - 1st to Die

1st to Die
James Patterson

Series or Stand Alone: The Women's Murder Club series, book one

Synopsis: [from back cover]

In San Francisco newlyweds are being stalked - and slaughtered. Enter four unforgettable women, all friends ... Lindsay, a homicide inspector in the city's police department ... Claire, a medical examiner ... Jill, an assistant D.A. ... and Cindy, a reporter who has just started working the crime desk of the San Francisco Chronicle. Joining forces, pooling their talents, courage, and brains, they have one gaol. To find, trap, and outwit the most diabolical and terrifying killer ever imagined.


I've heard how great a writer James Patterson is. I've seen one or two movies based on some of his books. And yet this is the first time I actually picked up a novel by him. I should have a long time ago! I was totally sucked into the Women's Murder Club and it's characters. 1st to Die is a fast paced and thrilling ride that I really didn't want to end.

The book opens up into an emotional scene with Lindsay Boxer as she stands on the balcony of her apartment holding her SFPD revolver. She starts thinking about the events of the past couple of weeks and what led her to be in her current position. Lindsay is the only female homicide inspector of the San Francisco Police Department. She finds herself working more harder to earn the respect she deserves from her male driven department.

Philip Campbell, a seriously twisted killer, has just killed a newlywed couple in their hotel suite. Lindsay is first on the scene and there doesn't seem to be many clues left behind. Meanwhile, Cindy Thomas, a local reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, is dying for her bring break. After hearing about the murders over a police radio at the office, she heads over to the hotel with no real plan in mind. Somehow she sneaks up to the crime scene and gets caught after seeing the groom's body. Lindsay admires Cindy for being able to by all the cops.

She invites Cindy out for drinks and they meet up with Lindsay's best friend Claire, who happens to know exactly what Lindsay's has to go through on a daily basis since she's the medical examiner. The trio decide to form a "club" to help solve the murders, and they only become more determined as more newlyweds are killed.

1st to Die mainly concentrated on Lindsay. And I didn't mind that at all. I found myself really liking Lindsay and I completely sympathized for her when she started having feelings for her temporary partner, Chris Raleigh.

I totally loved this book and read half of it the first night I picked it up. I would have finished it if I didn't have to wake up for work the next morning. No worries though because I quickly finished it at work. I just had to know who the killer was because I had my suspicions but the end really threw my head for a loop. I can easily see why Patterson and his books are such a huge success. I hope the series continuous to be just as good as the first because I'm definitely going to be continuing!

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DeSeRt RoSe


Melissa said...

Yay! Glad you liked it. I love these, too, though I have yet to read the 7th (was waiting for the paperback, now I've got no excuse) and of course the 8th just came out. I've got to pick up the 7th one of these days!!

Mishel said...

No it's okay, let me catch up with you =P

ann marie said...

I'm glad you like the book. That was the first one I also started out reading, You have to try his Alex Cross Series also. Have a great day.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

I loved this book :) I also linked to your review on my review.. hope you don't mind :) you can check it out here

lilly said...

Oh i loved Patterson's Alex Cross series, you'll love it too I have a feeling. I have the whole Women's Murder Club series but I haven't started reading those yet. I'm glad you liked it, now i can worry less when I pick it up.
BTW, I noticed that you saw I gave you an award. i swear I was planning on letting you know ahead of time but apparently I am a bigger procrastinator than I suspected.

Mishel said...

I'm planning on starting the Alex Cross series too.

&& Lilly - you're fine. I try to check my feeds every day but have been slacking so I was trying to catch up this morning. I saw your post as I was checking your new posts. No worries!! And thanks again.

P.S. Get crackin on this series girl!! =D

Lenore said...

I've read some Patterson. They are great for passing the time!

Lenore said...

PS - The Alex Cross books are my favorites.

Kimberly Swan said...

Great review Mishel. :) I haven't read this series yet!

Susan/SC said...

I happened across the 4th of July and listened to the audiobook despite not having heard or read the first three and it was great too. I don't know how James Patterson writes so prolificly and keeps churning out thrillers.

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