Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 121 - Book Arrivals 7.0

7.0 is here and it brought many lovely gifts from Barnes & Nobles.

Lord of the Fading Land :: C.L. Wilson
Mona Lisa Awakening :: Sunny

The Rest Falls Aways :: Colleen Gleason

Veil of Midnight :: Lara Adrain
Kushiel's Dart :: Jacqueline Carey

Storm Front :: Jim Butcher
Industrial Magic :: Kelley Armstrong
Undead on Arrival :: L.A. Banks

Hunted :: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Willow :: Julia Hoban
The Laughing Corpse :: Laurell K. Hamilton

So I probably won't be getting anything from BN anytime soon, then again, I might be able to convince my mom in a couple weeks or two. Nothing from Book Mooch or Contests/Giveaways this edition. Until next time...Happy Reading!!


Anna said...

You got some good books there. I've read 8 of them.

Happy Reading. :)

drey said...

I am sooooo envious! I have about 36+ more books to read before I can go buy more, & I already have my B&N gift card ready to go! =)

Lenore said...

My brother really likes Jim Butcher, but I've yet to read something by him.

Fantasy Dreamer said...

Quite a stash you got for yourself. I've read Veil of Midnight & Lord of the Fading Lands - good books. Enjoy your reading!

Anonymous said...

I need to go shopping with you! :) I'd come back feeling good. First cause you find some of the coolest books and second cause you believe in getting a bunch of them. Two things I believe in!

Alea said...

Love your display! Hope you love Willow!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay, I really do hope you like Willow. I need to go full-out book shopping, I swear. hah

Kimberly Swan said...

Wonderful goodies you got, and so many hours of reading to look forward to! *grin*

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