Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 291 - Threadless Thursday [2]


Your Mission - should you accept:

1. Visit one of the following (awesome) t-shirt companies and choose your favorite out of the newest batch.

2. Post your pick on your blog so we can all contemplate emptying our pockets for it.
Make sure to leave a link to the page you got it from so we can visit.

3. Come back here and leave a link to your post.

4. Show other fellow t-shirt junkies love by commenting on their choice.


Today I visited Snorg Tees to see the newest shirts they have available and came across my pick for this week. I'm in Calculus now and I just had to chuckle at this shirt. I'm very interested in buying it, actually.

I hate limits just so everyone knows...


Booklogged said...

My favorite was also on that site and was a math equation. One symbol says to the other "Get Real" and the other answers back "Get Rational". I'm sure seeing the symbols would help.

Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

Lol! "Oh, oh, oh, oh,...can't touch this!" *does the swankie Hammer time dance* Love the t-shirt, I could see wearing it. *g*

Lisa Rusczyk said...

I so want to get that for my brother, but he probably knows how to touch this.

Lisa Rusczyk said...

(he's a mathematician) (thought I should clear that up because a misunderstanding would be too funny)

Rizzo said...

I hope you'll consider my tees at some point. Cheers!


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