Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 68 - Dark Nights, Dark Dreams

Dark Nights, Dark Dreams
Savannah Russe

Series or Stand Alone: Sisterhood of the Sight, Book One

Synopsis: [from back cover]

U.S. foreign agent Sam Chase has always kept her psychic abilities a secret - until now. Recruited to solve a case so macabre and chilling that it can't be rationally explained, she joins an elite unit with three other young women who rank among the top mediums in the world. But these amazing psychics are definitely no angels. One is a voodoo priestess, another is a witch, and the third has a secret, dangerous past.

Like it or not, Same is part of a new sisterhood - and she's been teamed with Lance "Bear" Rutledge, a sexy forensic investigator who thinks this supernatural stuff is all bunk. Unfortunately he's not only getting under Sam's skin, but he has also started invading her dreams - and her heart. As Sam and Bear combat their forbidden passion, they find themselves fighting for their country and their lives in a battle against the darkest evil of all...


Susan Ann Marie (Sam) Chase has the 'sight'. A gift that has helped save her life and the lives of others numerous times. More like a warning system inside her head, a voice speaks to her and gives her visions of things that are happening at the moment or things that will happen in the future. As the novel opens up, a fast-paced action scene, set in Iraq, takes place where the reader can see first-hand how Sam's gift comes into play.

But everything changes when she is chosen to be apart of a new program created by the CIA. AngelWay will be headed by the enigmatic Ms. Z and will include Sam along with three other women with some sort of psychic ability. Rina is a voodoo priestess who can communicate with the dead, Frankie is a witch, and Aurora can talk to animals and use psychometry. Their first case? Arlington cemetery: Find out where the body of a recently deceased military hero has gone to.

Sam has another partner that will be "assisting" on the case. Bear Rutledge, sent in for the Department of Defense, is a skeptic from the beginning of the investigation. As the team starts to uncover the mystery, more bodies go missing and murders start to take place. The idea of zombies and a world of voodoo leaves Bear in a sour mood. Sam must find a way to convince him that the only thing that can explain the mystery is something supernatural. Throw in some strong sexual tension into the equation and you get a big ole' mess for Sam.

I like the "who-dun-it" feel and the twists that the author tried to incorporate into the book. It did seem a pit predictable but it was still exciting enough to keep me interested. However, I just feel the book was lacking in creativity. The characters were interesting and the whole paranormal situation was good. I just wasn't sucked into the book like I was hoping to be. I might have just been expecting more since I enjoy her other series so much (Darkwing Chronicles).

I will keep a look out for the second installment and give it a chance. Hopefully I'll have a better reaction to whoever's book will be next.


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