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Winner Announcements

So sorry for being late on two of these giveaways. But let's dive right into it and announce the winners:

The winner of an ebook copy of Being by TR Mousner is:

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The two winners of signed copies of Ada, Ledgend of a Healer by RA McDonald is:

Meredith Miller
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Julie S.
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The winner of an ebook copy of Warrior Reborn by KH LeMoyne is:

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Q&A with Kirsten Kelly

Please welcome author Kristen Kelly to P.S. I Love Books! I recently read and reviewed her debut release Halith earlier this month and I'm thrilled to have her here today.

Kirsten Kelly lives in Miami, Florida where she enjoys kayaking, fishing, and travel. Like her characters, she lives for good friends, good food, and the next adventure.

Welcome Kirsten! I appreciate you taking the time out to visit P.S. I Love Books. Can you tell us a little bit about Halith?

Halith is the story of a girl without her father, and grappling with that loss and her desire to leave the conforms of her gender role in this mostly male-centric society. She wants to become a knight, but she is never certain of whether this is an intrinisic desire, or one she has created solely to try to get close to her father, who she has been told is a hero and king. Many secrets surround her life, yet for many years, she ignores tem in favor of trying to reach this goal and finding her father. It is only untl she is offered an undesired marriage that she leaves home, and little by little we see her life, and all its secrets, begin to unravel.

What was one of your favorite and least favorite things about writing it?

My favorite thing was getting to know Halith. I felt like a friend, tagging along with her while she discover things and learns about this world of Aessyra. I never knew precisely what Halith was going to do until I put pen to paper. Every chapter was an adventure for me---and as a writer, sometimes it was not a pleasant one! How many times did I ask, Why Halith? Why are you doing this?---because she made my plot (or presumed plot) a disaster.

Thus I have to say that my least favorite thing was not always knowing what Halith would do! I would feel lost, and freak out about what I would have to write next. But in the end, it came brilliantly. Oh, and I suppose I also disliked the discipline it required---to write, every morning, whether I wanted to or not---for a year.

Which of the characters did you enjoy working with the most?

Halith of course, and Sparrow. I like the way their relationship is evolving, and again, this was totally unexpected. I assumed Sparrow would be merely a bit character, while I focused more on the relationship of the four girls. The charming thief master has been a wonderful surprise.

If you had the chance to do it all over again would you change anything in Halith?

Hmm. Well, I have gotten some “concern” that the language loosens up in the second half of the book and becomes too familiar—especially the dialogue between the four girls. I knew this before press, and yet I wanted to keep it, for I feel it shows how Halith had matured in a sense---how she had let go of her “High Court” self, and became more real, if you get my meaning.

What do you think of the cover?

I love the cover. I think David Howard Johnson really captured Halith, and expressed her inner turmoil in his work.

If Halith were made into a movie who would be your ideal cast for the main characters?

Wow, a movie---wouldn’t that be nice (snickering).

If you could write a book about absolutely anything with any other author (dead or alive) what would it be about and who would you choose?

I would have to say Nietzsche. The book would have to be about if Zarathustra were to die and go to heaven, what would that be like?!

If you didn’t have a passion for writing books what do you think you’d be doing as a career?

Um, bartender. Um, run a pub? No, seriously, I would probably be involved in medical clinical research.

I’m always looking for books to add to my ginormous TBR (to be read) pile. What books are you currently reading or have read recently? Any good recommendations?

Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran. A wonderful read!

What are some of your favorite things to do when given a break from the writing life and other work-related things?

Hanging out a pubs with my friends, renting a sailboat with some un-proficent sailors, kayaking, fishing and other shenanigans like drunken kickball and big wheel racing.

Are you currently working on any projects that we may see from you in the future?

Yes, I’m currently working on the sequel to Halith and a book on Sparrow and his story.

Thank you so much for stopping by Kirsten! Where can readers find out more about you and your work? or

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Blog Tour Guest Post with LK Rigel & Giveaway

I'm very pleased to have LK Rigel stop by with a guest post while on her Bleeder book tour with The Bookish Snob Promotions. Bleeder is book three in LK's Apocalypto series and definitely sounds like a great read! Be sure to enter below for a chance to win an ecopy of Bleeder and check out how you can win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon or B&N!

LK Rigel lives in California with her cat, Coleridge. She was once a singing waitress, scored the independent science fantasy karate movie Lucid Dreams, and was a reporter for the Sacramento Rock 'N Roll News. Her BA is in humanities and religious studies. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama and Tattoo Highway. Her short story "Slurp" will appear in Anne Frasier's 2011 Halloween anthology Deadly Treats published by Nodin Press.

Thank you so much for hosting Bleeder today at P.S. I Love Books. I’m so glad to be here for a guest post.

One of the more mysterious characters in Bleeder is Father Jesse, a charismatic priest of Samael who Asherah calls a hybrid. I found the journal he kept during his asylum in Red City, and I thought I’d share a particularly interesting passage here today:

Red City. Sanguibahd. I thought it would be hell living here among these females, vessels of Asherah. Abominations. Instead, these bleeders and chalices are so ridiculous that my heart bursts with greater love for my god, Samael.

The girls are silly creatures who care for nothing but their dogs or what delightful new fruit or grain has arrived for their pleasure, gifts from some Concord city desperate to be noticed.

Those cities are fools to part with such precious resources. In the end, a chalice is bought by one thing only: Money. They all consider the coffees and honey candies their due.

Yes, the girls are silly. But the women are worse, entitled and vain. They walk around in public half naked, displaying the service marks tattooed on arms and thighs and breasts and backsides. There is no shame in any of them – and why should there be?

Their bodies are the instruments of their power. Of course they flaunt themselves.

I will allow that Ninshubur is different. Whenever l see her laughing eyes, my human side feels stronger. More alive.

[Here a sentence is scratched out. I can make out: wonder … would be like to be completely human.]

The proofs say that before her tragedy she was the most wanton of them all, but I’ve never seen her anything but modest. Well, except for her comment at the trial. Shocking! To suggest the seed of Garrick could be evil! I cannot account for it, unless it was her grief speaking.
I pains me that such a playful, light-hearted creature could feel so much pain.
She is modest and proper now but, like all the chalices, she abuses me regularly. At times I believe she mocks Samael himself. Her teasing is not humorous.

Perhaps she is the reason Samael sent me here. That’s it! I am here in this godforsaken Babylon to save Ninshubur from that demon Asherah, bring her over to my Samael’s love.

The page for that day ends here. But something tells me there will be more about Father Jesse and Nin in future stories.

To win an ecopy of Bleeder simply fill out this form!

Giveaway ends August 11th
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Stop by LK's site for a hint to my stop's question!

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Blog Tour Q&A with Paul Levine

I'm very excited to have author Paul Levine stop by P.S. I Love Books while on his blog tour!

PAUL LEVINE worked as a newspaper reporter, a law professor and a trial lawyer before becoming a full-time novelist. Obviously, he cannot hold a job. Paul claims that writing fiction comes naturally: he told whoppers for many years in his legal briefs. His books have been translated into 23 languages, none of which he can read. In Germany, for reasons he does not understand, he is published under the name “Polly Levine.”

Welcome Paul! I appreciate you taking the time out to visit P.S. I Love Books.

My pleasure! Fire when ready.

Can you tell us a little bit about Flesh and Bones, your latest re-release in the Jake Lassiter series?

Flesh & Bones” deals with the very real issue of “recovered memories.” In the opening scene, fashion model Chrissy Bernhardt shoots her wealthy father. She claims to have recently recovered repressed memories of having been sexually abused by him as a child. Hired to defend her, Jake Lassiter begins to doubt his client, even as he falls for her.

Which of the characters did you enjoy working with the most?

Jake Lassiter, that linebacker-turned-lawyer, is my favorite character I’ve ever written. He’s a brew-and-burger guy in a Chardonnay and paté world, a tough guy with a tender heart. He’s honest but cynical. Looking at the sign over the judge’s bench that says, “We who labor here seek only the truth,” Lassiter adds his own footnote: “Subject to the truth being concealed by lying witnesses, distorted by sleazy lawyers, and excluded by inept judges.” He’s been known to turn down a frivolous case: “I could have used the work, but I prefer cases I believe in. Best is to have a client you like, a cause that is just, and a check that doesn’t bounce. Two out of three, and you’re ahead of the game.”

Here’s his self-description, or rather the description I gave him: “I don’t wear an earring or a gold chain. I don’t belong to a private club or a mystic cult. I don’t smoke fancy cigars, and the next time some overweight stock broker in suspenders and French cuffs drops ashes on me, I’m gonna jam the stinking stogie down his throat.”

All of the proceeds of the ebook release of Flesh and Bones are going to the Four Diamonds Fund charity, can you tell us a little bit about that charity? Does it hold any personal meaning to you?

A few years ago, one of my dearest friends, the godfather of my son, lost his daughter Margaux to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare but vicious bone cancer. Another friend, a well-known author, has lost both a child and a grandchild to the disease. The survival rate for Ewing’s sarcoma that metastasizes is a disheartening 10 per cent.

Ten per cent!

The Four Diamonds Fund pays for cancer treatment of children at Hershey Children’s Hospital. Penn State students have adopted the Four Diamonds Fund as their cause and have contributed an astonishing $78 million through their annual dance marathon, which goes by the slogan: “For the Kids.” This year’s event raised more than $9 million alone. So, I’ve adopted that as my cause, too.

What do you think of the ebook cover?

I’d better like it; I designed it!

If the Jake Lassiter series were made into a movie who would be your ideal cast for the main characters?

Twenty-one years ago, when my first novel, “To Speak for the Dead”, was published, I thought Tom Selleck would be just right as Jake. He’s a little old for the role, as written. I thought Robert Loggia would be a good Doc Charlie Riggs, and low and behold, he was cast in the television movie, “Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou,” in 1995. Gerald McRaney, who wasn’t quite right, played Lassiter.

If you could write a book about absolutely anything with any other author (dead or alive) what would it be about and who would you choose?

I’d take Charles Dickens and we’d re-write “A Tale of Two Cities.” I think the opening line should be: “It was the best of times. On the other hand, it wasn’t so great.”

If you didn’t have a passion for writing books what do you think you’d be doing as a career?

I’d still be trying cases as a Miami lawyer and padding my expense account.

I’m always looking for books to add to my ginormous TBR (to be read) pile. What books are you currently reading or have read recently? Any good recommendations?

Wake Up Dead” by Roger Smith
Over Exposure” by James W. Hall
The Lock Artist” by Steve Hamilton

What are some of your favorite things to do when given a break from the writing life and other work-related things?

I follow Penn State football, swim laps, walk my mutt in the hills above Los Angeles, and generally stay out of trouble.

Are you currently working on any projects that we may see from you in the future?

Lassiter,” a new hardcover from Bantam, will be out September 13. In this one, Jake might have been the last person to see a missing young woman alive. He’s got to find her or find out what happened in a string of violent events that lead to a murder trial.

Thank you so much for stopping by Paul! Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Please visit my website at

And thanks!

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Blog Tour Review: Warrior Reborn

Warrior Reborn
KH LeMoyne

Series or Stand Alone: The Guardians of Eden series, book two
Release Date: April 2011

Publisher: Digital Crystal Press

Pages: 290 (e-book)

Author Site:

My Rating: 4.25/5

Source: Received for review from The Bookish Snob Promotions


They are the Guardians of Eden; each created with a unique supernatural talent.

Having successfully hidden her abilities from humans for two hundred years, Briet quietly applies the gifts of cellular-level vision to help patients in need. Until she meets her human soul-mate, Jason Ballard.

Jason holds the reigns to the protocol Briet’s patients’ need for recovery. But can she trust a man all too human and grounded in his world to understand hers, much less believe her? When a deadly threat targets her patients, he is the only one she trusts to help stop an evil only the two of them can fight.

Jason has a perfect success rate for delivering of new drugs from test-to-market. Used to influencing people, rules and guidelines delineate every facet of his professional and personal life. The last thing he expects is to be tempted to waiver by the new spitfire doctor on his latest test team. Especially as she starts stirring up issues. Dangerous issues. Issues flagging jeopardy for the lives of the children in the test. Issues the drug manufacturer, his employer, would prefer be ignored. An unacceptable outcome, forcing Jason to walk a dangerous line between job and conscience as he plunges with Briet to ferret out the twisted scheme in time to save her patients.


I have such a soft spot for paranormal books that involve the topic of soul mates. It was actually Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series that started my love for paranormal romance. Her Carpathian series is very big about lifemates and finding one’s other half. The Guardians of Eden series reminds me of the Carpathians but only in the soul mate aspect of the stories. KH LeMoyne’s Guardians are very different from the Carpathians. I might have even enjoyed the Guardians and their unique characteristics a little bit more than my beloved Carpathians. I’ll have to read more of the series to make a conclusive decision but I’m really looking forward to more of LeMoyen’s writing and her Guardians.

Warrior Reborn is the second in the Guardian of Eden series and is fine to start if you haven’t read the first book, even for those like me who anally like to read things in order. Briet is a very compassionate female lead. She cares so much for the children she works with as a doctor in the human world. Her unique Guardian ability to see the human body at the molecular level helps in her current work in a new drug trial in treating cancer. I knew from the very beginning when she started questioning her findings that it was going to cause trouble for her.

Jason more or less manages the drug trial for the pharmaceutical company. Briet realizes very early on that he is her mate and struggles with how to let Jason know. Jason’s past and his personality make Briet hesitate on whether he’ll be able to accept the reality of the Guardians. I thought it admirable that Briet was willing to sacrifice so much for Jason. And watching Jason slowly come to terms with his feelings towards Briet was very satisfying.

Ansgar, who is a Guardian himself, is Briet’s very overprotective brother but his actions are both understandable and sometimes warranted. Although Briet is very independent she can be forgetful and somewhat reckless at times. Ansgar is a very nice contrast to Briet’s personality and the obvious love between the two is a nice addition to Briet’s story. I’m actually really looking forward to Ansgar’s story…whenever that may come around =)

Warrior Reborn was a great surprise of a read. While the writing wasn’t always spot on for me I found the style, characters, and storyline very enjoyable. I think I’m really going to like The Guardian of Eden series. I’ll be going back to read Turen (the newly proclaimed leader of the Guardians) story and I can’t wait to read Tsu’s story which should be book 3. I can see a lot of people coming to really like the unique aspects of KH LeMoyne’s Guardians. I know I certainly do!

P.S. (cover talk)

I like that the cover depicts Briet. The cover model is gorgeous and I like that it goes well with book one’s cover.

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*New* Winner Announcement: Recovery

Due to lack of email response I've chosen a new winner:

Denise Z
(claimed =D)

(claimed =D)

Meredith Miller
(claimed =D)

Everyone has responded and I'll be getting the prizes out very shortly! Thank you again to everyone who entered =)

Blog Tour Review: Halith

Kristen Kelly

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone

Release Date: March 2010

Publisher: Pale Criminal Works

Pages: 424

Book Site:

My Rating: 3.75/5

Source: Received for review from Pump Up Your Book


Halíth presents the fantastical world of Aessyra where prophesy tells of an evil brewing and only “the One” can stop it. Halíth’s journey begins when she steals away from an impending marriage to a fat merchant, deemed by her uncle to be a good match. In a fit of passion, she runs away in the deep of night, with nothing to her name, and is soon transformed from a scared 16 year old girl to a young warrior ready to answer her fate. In the beginning, Halíth embraces her new adventurous lifestyle focusing on fighting battles, learning the trades of the Dwarves, and drinking and making merriment in local taverns. Soon; however, Halíth’s true test of maturity comes when the Great War finally breaks out across Aessyra. The Haddu, a coalition of Orcs, trolls, and others faithful to a demonic religion, are swarming over the land, seeking to usher in the Third Darkness. Halith must grapple with challenges within and without as she dodges assassins, endures the betrayal of those closest to her, and tries to make sense of her so-called “destiny.”


I haven’t read many fantasy quest novels yet but I’m slowly working on adding more of the genre into my reading. Halith isn’t an epic tale by any means but it successfully transported me into another world without over-complicating things for me. Even if the map of Aessyra wasn’t provided for reference I still wouldn’t have felt lost. Kirsten does a remarkable job describing the different parts of Halith’s world and all of the characters she comes into contact with. I will admit that the novel started out a bit awkwardly for me though. After spending four years at an abbey Halith is sent to live with her uncle but chooses to run away from nobility life. She spends a great deal of time worrying about others (including the reader) thinking her a wayward brat for running away. I kind of admired and liked the fact that she was determined to make sure people knew the reasons for her actions. She doesn’t want to spend her life as a broodmare. She has a calling to be a warrior just like her father, the High King.

Now that is all fine and dandy, absolutely no issues there for me. But one or two chapters later Halith does this 180-turnaround thing. I respect that she wants to be a warrior, even in Halith’s world women warriors are very rare, but her personality shifts a little too quickly from shy and timid to fierce warrior-girl/woman. The transitioning just kind of smacked me in the face a little bit. But soon after her 180 freak-out Halith started to really grow on me. The middle part of the book consists of her on different missions, meeting different people, and discovering who she is. It reminded me of quest-like video games (which I love to play). Every time she completed something it seemed some other issue would pop up for her to deal with. Although I’m sure if was frustrating for her character, I rather enjoyed it!

Something I really personally liked in the book was the violence. Weird, I know, but let me explain. The violence wasn’t sugarcoated or tip-toed around. It also wasn’t blown out of proportions with blood and guts flying in every direction. It was written just right where it was realistic and bold. It was a part of the book I really appreciated. I also loved the characters, especially the female ones. While Halith meets many different male characters that she becomes close with and/or enemies with, it was the different female characters that grabbed my attention. They sort of formed this motley crew of strong girls/women that were independent and strong yet still needed support from one another. I loved the fact that they were so different and yet fit together nicely like a puzzle.

The ending was a little disappointing for me just because I enjoyed the middle of the book so much. I appreciated that Kristen kept up the camaraderie between characters until the very end though. I just felt everything was a little too rushed for my tastes. I still really enjoyed Halith overall. The tale is one of self-discovery and independence. Halith has not only solid enemies but unseen ones as well as she must battle a prophecy laid before her and a fate she’s determined to undermine. I’m really interested to see what Kristen will come out with next and if in fact Halith will have a sequel or at least be revisited in another book. I think adventure fans and/or fantasy fans will really like Halith and Kristen’s writing.

P.S. (Cover Talk)

It’s fitting. I like the depiction of Halith, although what she’s wearing could go a little better with how her outfit was described in the book. I like the cover though.

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Blog Tour Q&A with KH LeMoyne & Giveaway

Please join me in welcoming author KH LeMoyne to P.S. I Love Books!

KH LeMoyne was born into a naval family, experiencing total emersion in Spanish kindergarten in Rota, Spain. Her childhood of migrating up and down the eastern US seaboard, with hops from California to Arizona to Virginia, inspired her love of stories and myth. After fifteen years as an Information Systems professional, she now writes full time in romance: fantasy, futuristic and paranormal and straight urban fantasy under another pseudonym. She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband and a pair of corgis. Much to her dismay, she rarely encounters supernatural beings other than on paper.

KH Lemoyne’s current series books Betrayal’s Shadow, Warrior Reborn, XX and Return of the Legacyare available in eBook, with paperback editions coming late summer. She is currently finishing the second in the Phoenix series, Shepherd, (due for release in August). You can find out more about her books at and her blog:

Welcome KH! I appreciate you taking the time out to visit P.S. I Love Books while on your blog tour.
Mishel, thank you for having me here to interact with you and your blog readers.

Can you tell us a little bit about your Guardian of Eden series and its newest release Warrior Reborn?

I’ve often wondered if we humans haven’t had help at critical times in our development. Out of those musings the Guardians of Eden were born. They are a race originated in the same Eden as Adam and Eve. They are bound in a covenant to ensure the evolution of mankind, each Guardian child releasing the souls for mankind’s spiritual well-being. However, their race is composed of a finite group of people, representing segments of humanity from all over the world. Each adult Guardian in a generation is gifted with a unique power. Compliance with the covenant rewards each Guardian with a mate with whom they share a soul for eternity.

And life was good, until two hundred years before the series starts chronicling the Guardians. A plague killed most of the adult Guardians on earth. The children under the age of maturity were sent back to the Sanctum in Eden for their protection. It was children raising children. Not only has much of their history been lost, but now as adults they’ve are unable to find mates within their race, and the curse of the plague still hovers over them.

Warrior Reborn launches with one of the feistier of the Guardians, Briet. Hiding in plain sight among humans, she utilizes her skills of DNA level visibility in her role as a doctor in pediatric clinic trials. And despite her intelligence and tenacity, Briet is a beacon for trouble. It is Jason Ballard’s job as the project manager for the clinical trial to keep an eye on all of his doctors and participants, but he is forced to go beyond anything he’s ever imagined to safeguard Briet’s contribution to the project, as well as keep her alive.

What was one of your favorite and least favorite things about writing it?
Most favorite: I enjoy creating the supernatural world, researching for the mythic storyline, and mapping character personalities, names, and back-story to fit each Guardian in the series. Least favorite: Writing about children as victims of cancer because the reality saddens me.

Which of the characters did you enjoy working with the most?
I enjoyed working with Jason’s introduction to Briet’s power of DNA level vision. Each of the powers is fun to twist and depict in vivid pictures for the reader. However, I have to admit I love working with Ansgar’s character, Briet’s brother. He takes form so clearly in my mind and I keep refining the overall characteristics of the woman who will ultimately challenge him to settled down and come to peace with the Guardian coexistence with humanity.

If you had the chance to do it all over again would you change anything in Warrior Reborn?

I suspect I would keep editing and editing and editing. I’ve been told I obsess on this. In truth, I am pleased with the way Warrior Reborn turned out. It is much faster paced than book one in the Guardian series, but it is also very representative of the two main characters, Jason and Briet and their circumstances. And without giving away spoilers, I’ve been working on the book 3, Destiny’s Mark and Tsu’s book, and I’m happy to say both Jason and Briet make an appearance in that story. I enjoy having a continuity of characters across the storylines but definitely have to work to keep the compelling secondary characters from taking over with their own strong personalities.

What do you think of the cover?

I worked with a wonderful cover designer, Robin Ludwig and am very happy with the cover for Warrior Reborn. It took a lot of work searching for the right representation of Briet and a representation of her power, but the image correlates to the character very well. Robin does an incredible job putting together something beautiful from my rather random snippets of specifications. Actually, each of the Guardian book covers share components of design, with books one through three all depicted on my blog site at Each cover hosts the actual Guardian on the front (I anticipate having their mate on the back cover of the paperback editions), as well as each Guardian power highlighted in the circle at the bottom of the cover. It’s a form of branding the series.

If The Guardian of Eden series were made into a movie who would be your ideal cast for the main characters?

What a fun exercise. I have images in my mind of what the characters would look like, and snippets from internet pictures, but I’ve never used actors. So here’s who I think would be great: Briet Hyden – Emma Watson with blonde hair (bright, smart, pixie – yep that’s her), Jason Ballard – Zac Efron (yep, dark hair, blue eyes and soft spoken), Ansgar - Adam Copeland (no doubt about it – just give him a long blond braid. He already has enough wonderful attitude!), Tsu – Brian Tee (he was my vision for Tsu when I saw him in an episode of Bones).

If you could write a book about absolutely anything with any other author (dead or alive) what would it be about and who would you choose?

Actually that’s a very interesting question. I find the idea of writing with someone else to be …difficult. But for that reason it would be a great challenge. I have had some discussions with my critique partner about writing a romantic fantasy suspense story where each of us would alternate writing a chapter with one of our existing characters. That hasn’t come to fruition yet, because we both have a huge list of stories to finish on our own, but I’d love to try it with her someday.

If you didn’t have a passion for writing books what do you think you’d be doing as a career?

Actually, I changed from a career in telecommunications and systems development to write! So, I’d have to say that I’m doing what I love. However, if I had the talent I would enjoy augmenting writing with drawing and artwork. Unfortunately, my best attempt would be stick figures so I’ll stick with painting pictures with words.

I’m always looking for books to add to my ginormous TBR (to be read) pile. What books are you currently reading or have read recently? Any good recommendations?

In paper, I’m currently reading Game of Cages by Harry Connolly, and waiting for the new Harry Dresden book, Ghost Story. On my kindle, I’m finishing LJ DeLeon’s, Absolution and determined to finish The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

What are some of your favorite things to do when given a break from the writing life and other work-related things?

I spend time with my family and my DH and I both love to read. Even in the midst of projects, I try to read a little every day, though not in the genre I’m writing at the time. It’s handy that our new corgi puppy likes to nap with me while I read!

Are you currently working on any projects that we may see from you in the future?

I am finishing the second book, Shepherd, from my futuristic/cyberpunk series which is due for August/September delivery. Then I’ll be continuing work on book three of the Guardian series, Tsu’s book: Destiny’s Mark.

Thank you so much for stopping by KH! Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

My new releases, extras for my books, and excerpts can be found at my website:
and my blog: . And to all of you reading this interview please don’t forget to visit my blog site and sign up for the final prizes for the Warrior Reborn tour.

Want to win an ebook copy courtesy of the lovely KH LeMoyne?

Simply fill out this form to enter!

Giveaway ends July29th!
Open Worldwide

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Winner Announcement: Recovery

The three winners are:

Denise Z


Meredith Miller

You have until the end of Thursday, July 14th to email me back. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Blog Tour Review: Solstice

P.J. Hoover

Series or Stand Alone: Book one in a planned series

Release Date: May 2011

Publisher: Andrea Brown Literacy Agency

Pages: 189 (Smashwords edition)

Author Site:

My Rating: 4/5

Source: Received for blog tour from Pump Up Your Book


Where Mythology and Dystopia meet...

Piper’s world is dying. Global warming kills every living thing on Earth, and each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles which threaten to destroy humanity. Amid this Global Heating Crisis, Piper lives with her mother who suffocates her more than the chaotic climate. When her mother is called away to meet the father Piper has been running from her entire life, Piper seizes an opportunity for freedom.

But when Piper discovers a world of mythology she never knew existed, she realizes her world is not the only one in crisis. While Gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper's life spirals into turmoil, and she struggles to find answers to secrets kept from her since birth. And though she’s drawn to her classmate Shayne, he may be more than he claims. Piper has to choose whom she can trust and how she can save the people she loves even if it means the end of everything she’s ever known


I know dystopian novels are becoming a huge trend in the YA genre. But I don’t think I’ve come across any that interweave mythology into its pages. I’m a big fan of mythology related books and I have tons of dystopian novels on my TBR list so I was immediately interested in reviewing Solstice when I was asked. Solistice is a very unique, entertaining, and well written book that I think will be very successful in the YA world.

Global warming is a very real and scary thing and P.J. does a superb job detailing the effects of the Global Heating Crisis happening in Piper’s world. The heat was beyond oppressive and having something similar happening to the Earth was forefront in my mind at all times. I’m not a big fan of heat. I’m not happy with anything really over 85 degrees. With temperatures never really going below 105 in the novel I could only imagine how horrible it was to live in a world where water and a/c use was monitored and rationed and where cooling gel was sprayed on you every time you went outside. I actually don’t know how I myself would adapt to a world like Piper’s.

The mythology part is more closely entangled with the love triangle within the novel. I did have a hard time at first transitioning between Piper’s world and the Underworld when it was first introduced. My brain didn’t really come to terms with putting the dystopian and mythological parts together cohesively. However, I was quick to become engrossed in each part of the book. The love triangle between Shayne, Piper, and Reese is so much more than a typical love triangle. It isn’t just two boys fighting over a girl. There is a huge power struggle between the two boys and Piper’s feelings towards each are passionate and very intense. I loved that P.J. didn’t tip-toe around Piper and her feelings. She’s torn between Shayne and Reese and as the pieces of her past start to come together she’s left feeling confused, frustrated, and afraid.

I loved the characters and I loved how the dystopian part of the novel tied in so well with the mythological part in the end. Solstice is highly original and a really great read that combins so many great elements together. I think a lot of people are going to really enjoy the book and what it has to offer the YA genre!

P.S. (cover talk)

It’s beautiful. It depicts the global warming aspect while leaving some room for a mysterious feeling that ties in with the Greek mythology of the novel.

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Review & Giveaway: Being

T.R. Mousner

Series or Stand Alone: Book one in a planned series

Release Date: March 2011

Publisher: Tamara Mousner

Pages/Format: .pdf ebook

Author Site:

My Rating: 3.5/5

Source: Received for review from author


For elite extraterrestrial pilot EBN-Reyoz-X, awaiting rescue while hiding out in a trailer park in Lancaster, California, is a grueling nightmare. She’s injured, lacks proper supplies and can’t blend in with the indigenous population because she’s seven feet tall and can’t control the trail of wildflowers blooming in the wake of her footsteps. She’s unprepared to begin sexual maturity in the alien land and when she develops feelings for Shale, the mute teenage boy next door, she’s convinced circumstances can get no worse.

Except rescue never comes and once word spreads that her touch holds miraculous healing abilities, EBN must find a way to fix her ship, evade capture by the United States Air Force and survive long enough to return home.


Although I have a lot of sci-fi books on my TBR I haven’t really had a chance to delve into the genre. Being succeeds in providing many of the reasons why I want to read sci-fi and reminds me to have an open mind when I read them. I enjoy books that are able to convey universal messages from the author with subtlety and grace. Being was mostly successful in not being too brash about environmental issues that should be important to every person living on Earth. Overall Being is a nice breathe of fresh air in the YA genre!

I also enjoyed how smooth the different POVs between EBN, Shale, and Aix went. EBN, while somewhat knowledgeable on Sent (human) life, is injured and completely alone after crash landing on Erox (Earth). After numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact her grand-Ada (grandfather) for a plan of rescue EBN copes by befriending Shale. Although she has broken many rules by getting involved with Shale and his sister, EBN begins to feel things she has never felt before. It was so easy to start to really care for EBN and her well-being as she struggled through each day.

Shale has his own issues to work through as he comes to term with his feelings for EBN. I found it fascinating how different Shale and EBN’s opinion of each other’s appearance was with the rest of the world. Both Shale and EBN were irresistibly drawn to each other and both were beautiful to the other person. The rest of the world found them weird, gawky, and too different. Their blossoming relationship was a very welcoming part of the book and one I really enjoyed.

I think my favorite character is Aix because I was more interested in his mission to finding the truth about EBN. He is brave and intelligent just like his sister and I felt his POV was more interesting. I say that because he’s back on Pharallax and his POV talks about his culture and the similarities/differences between Sent life and Adelian and Nadreen life. I love when authors are able to really step out of their comfort zones and create new worlds and ideas and still tie them in to modern life.

I’m looking forward to seeing what T.R. comes out with next regarding EBN. Being was exciting, different, and filled with loving values that will come across very easily. Love, family, and taking care of where we live is important to T.R. and her characters as it should be important to everybody. I think Being will be a real winner with YA and adult readers alike.

P.S. (cover talk)

While I’m not totally in love with it I think it goes along with the story nicely. I also know the cover has a special place in T.R.’s heart which is pretty cool.

Thanks to the lovely Tamara Mousner I have an ebook copy available for 1 winner!

To enter simply fill out this form!

Giveaway ends July 21st
Open Internationally

Good Luck!

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Blog Tour Q&A with P.J. Hoover

 Please welcome author P.J. Hoover to P.S. I Love Books!

P. J. Hoover first fell in love with Greek mythology in sixth grade thanks to the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton. After a fifteen year bout as an electrical engineer designing computer chips for a living, P. J. decided to take her own stab at mythology and started writing books for kids and teens. P. J. is a member of THE TEXAS SWEETHEARTS & SCOUNDRELS. When not writing, P. J. spends time with her husband and two kids and enjoys practicing Kung Fu, solving Rubik's cubes, and watching Star Trek.

Welcome P.J.! I appreciate you taking the time out to visit P.S. I Love Books.

Thank you so much for hosting me! I’m thrilled to be here =)

Can you tell us a little bit about Solstice?

Sure! SOLSTICE is my debut young adult novel and is set in a future where global warming is destroying the earth. Societies are trying everything to combat the threat of heat bubbles and dying vegetation, but nothing seems to help. Amid this world, a girl named Piper receives a mysterious box on her birthday and opens it, and around her, a parallel world of mythology begins to surface. Piper is sucked in, and pretty soon, the fate of both the worlds rests in her hands. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the hot romance.

What was one of your favorite and least favorite things about writing it?

My favorite thing about writing SOLSTICE was how quickly the first draft flowed. SOLSTICE was a story that pretty much wrote itself. My least favorite thing about writing SOLSTICE was the endless revisions. I spent days/months/years revising SOLSTICE until I got it just right.

Which of the characters did you enjoy working with the most?

Overall, I’ve determined writing evil characters is the most fun. The great thing about evil characters is the struggle they have within themselves. Take Tantalus, for example. He’s crazy because he can’t eat or drink, and this craziness drives all his actions. It’s so much fun to see what will come of that kind of mental state.

If you had the chance to do it all over again would you change anything in Solstice?

I worked so hard revising SOLSTICE, and I’m really thrilled with how it is today!

What do you think of the cover?

I have cover love. From the first moment I saw the cover for SOLSTICE, I thought it was wonderful. It captures the mystery, the global warming, the romance all so well. The story is really such a combination of all these things, and the cover reflects this perfectly.

If Solstice were made into a movie who would be your ideal cast for the main characters?

I always have such a hard time figuring out my main characters. In fact, for the main characters, the only one I have pegged is Shayne. I’d choose Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones). I did pick stock images for the characters when I designed the trading cards and think the photos do a great job reflecting the main six characters of the story. (

If you could write a book about absolutely anything with any other author (dead or alive) what would it be about and who would you choose?

Homer. We could write a story about a hero and his or her journey on some great quest. It would be epic, and people would be reading it four thousand years from now.

If you didn’t have a passion for writing books what do you think you’d be doing as a career?

Well, I was an electrical engineer designing computer chips for fifteen years before I started writing. So, probably, if I didn’t write, I’d still be doing that. It was fun, challenging, and paid well.

I’m always looking for books to add to my ginormous TBR (to be read) pile. What books are you currently reading or have read recently? Any good recommendations?

Yes! I loved DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth which came out this spring. And two ARCs I’ve read that release this fall that I highly recommend are CALLI by Jessica Lee Anderson and ASHES by Ilsa Bick. All are fantastic reads!

What are some of your favorite things to do when given a break from the writing life and other work-related things?

Spending time with my family tops the list. I have two perfect kids who occupy a good amount of time. I also practice Kung Fu most mornings during the week. And looking for projects around the house is a never-ending task that I enjoy.

Are you currently working on any projects that we may see from you in the future?

I’m pretty mum on future projects, but I have both middle grade and young adult stories in the pipeline.

Thank you so much for stopping by P.J.! Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Thank you so much for having me! Readers can find out tons about me on my website at I have links to Facebook, Twitter, and just about everything else they could ever want. And I love hearing from readers, so if you have any questions, please ask!

SOLSTICE is available as a $2.99 eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iBooks. SOLSTICE will be released in paperback this summer.

Stop by tomorrow to check out my review for Solstice!

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Review & Giveaway: Ada, Legend of a Healer

Ada, Legend of a Healer
R.A. McDonald

Series or Stand Alone: Book one in a planned (Legend of a Healer) series

Release Date: January 2011

Publisher: House of Lore

Pages: 260

Book Site:

My Rating: 4.25/5

Source: Received for review from publisher


No sickness, No injuries, No pain, No limits.

If you had the power to heal, what would you do?

For fifteen-year-old Ada discovering that she can heal feels more like a curse than a gift. When she learns of the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance, and sees the indifference of so-called friends, she sets out for Paris to find her.

The power to heal protects her, but also has her hunted by a man who sees her as nothing more than his fountain of youth. Ada realizes her true power is her will to survive, and that her only chance at freedom is to become the best at escaping.


I haven’t read a book in one sitting in quite a while. I forgot how it felt to be sucked in by a really great story. I forgot how time seemed to be non-existent and not really matter much. R.A’s writing is simple, clean, and very engaging. And I just love the fact that there are illustrations in the book. I never considered myself a big visual learner or anything but when a book has pictures to go along with the story I always seem to enjoy it better. I just like images to go with what I’m reading about. Of course, good books that can put images in my head from written details win major points with me as well. But back to my point…the illustrations go perfectly with Ada’s story. They are dark yet full of heavy emotions, like Ada herself.

Ada’s had a tough childhood bouncing around different foster homes and dealing with different adults that never took the time to get to know her or really take care of her. It doesn’t really help that Ada’s got a pretty bad attitude about life and isn’t afraid to show it. What really sets her apart from the rest of the world isn’t the way she dresses, the way she talks, or the way she acts…it’s her amazing healing abilities. She’s always been able to heal herself and others and looks upon her gift like a burden.

After getting kicked out of her last foster home Ada’s only hope is her estranged aunt Jessie. Jessie is very mysterious when she’s first introduced but she’s very kind and has a warm personality. After spending some time with Ada Jessie tells her that she is a healer too. She also tells Ada a little bit about her past and Ada soon learns that her mother is in Paris. Ada doesn’t remember much about her mother because she’s been in foster care for so long. After Ada finds out her mother is a healer Ada is determined to find her and more information about who she is. The adventure really begins in Paris when Ada embarks on her journey to find her mother. It’s in France where Ada’s transformation begins. Ada becomes a different person as danger presents itself almost daily and she is forced to come to terms with her healing powers and make them apart of who she is.

I enjoy having to put myself in a character’s shoes and ask myself what I would do in their situation. R.A. provides some really great reading guide questions that really help to open the reader’s mind. At first glance, I would of course love healing abilities. I would probably also be of Jessie’s mind and want to help everyone out with my gift. However, Ada’s attitude about being a healer makes sense to me as well. She doesn’t really resent her abilities so much as she feels she shouldn’t have to be responsible for every sick and hurt person. I know I myself would be torn, wanting to save the entire world but have some semblance of a normal life. It’s really a tough decision and one that I could probably go on and on about…

Ada, Legend of a Healer was not what I expected. It was so much more than just a story of a girl with powers. It highlighted an independent teen facing the world alone with danger and tribulations around every corner. It’s full of fast-paced action, a sweet-budding romance, and a deep underlining message that will get you to question your own beliefs. I’m really looking forward to seeing what R.A. has in store for Ada next.

P.S. (cover talk)

Like the other artwork in the book, I find it dark yet emotionally powerful. It goes really well with the story!

Thanks to House of Lore I have 2 paperback copies available for 2 lucky readers!

To enter simply fill out this form!

Giveaway ends July 18th.
US/Canada Entrants Only

Good Luck!

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Book Arrivals

For Review:
  • Halith by Kirsten Kelly (for blog tour)
eBooks for Review:
  • Double Cross (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #2) by Carolyn Crane
  • Space Junque (Apocalypto #1) by L.K. Rigel
  • Spiderwork (Apocalypto #2) by L.K. Rigel
  • Bleeder (Apocalypto #3) by L.K. Rigel (for blog tour)

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