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Review: Faustine

Imogen Rose

Series or Stand Alone: The Bonfire Chronicles series, book one

Release Date: February 2011

Publisher: Imogen Rose

Pages: 322 (ebook)

Author Site:

My Rating: 3.75/5

Source: Received for review from The Bookish Snob Promotions


Who is Faustine? When Faustine Spencer was five years old, she discovered a secret that changed her life forever. At twelve, her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers.

Three years later, Faustine returns to Manhattan. All she wants is to be a typical teenager, at least, one that’s part of the in-crowd at her Upper East Side High School. When drop-dead gorgeous Ryker, her long-time crush from the Academy, finally notices her, she couldn’t be happier.

However, her desire for a normal life is shattered when her father, a prominent sovereign, disappears after naming her as his successor. Her siblings begin to disappear, and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle. With her life in danger, Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy’s most important rules: Trust no one.



I’m definitely not one for spoilers and since the synopsis leaves so much of the story out I’m afraid I won’t be able to really go into detail about Faustine. I can say that the story is absolutely packed with paranormal creatures and they are used in ways I have yet to come across. I am really amazed at the creative story Imogen Rose has created. Faustine is fifteen years old and has just returned from Bonfire Academy. She’s been there for three years learning how to harness and control her growing powers. Now that she’s back in Manhattan with her mother and best friend Neave, she’s looking forward to going to school as a normal teenage socialite.

But normalcy is definitely not an option when she learns that her father has disappeared and she’s next in line to rule in his position. Her entire world is flipped upside as she tries to figure out what to do in her position and try to keep the ones she cares about the most safe. Faustine just has to uphold the most important rule she learned at Bonfire Academy: Trust No One!

Although I couldn’t really relate to Faustine I enjoyed her sense of humor and the fact that she grew in maturity as the book went on. I must say there is an overwhelming number of characters that are introduced who are extremely interesting but almost a little too much to swallow. I love how complex the story is but sometimes things seemed forced together or a little too chaotic. Take for example Ryker and Faustine’s relationship. I love how cute they are together. There’s definitely more to Ryker’s character that I’m excited to learn about. But their relationship seemed very strained and slapped together with very little interaction. There wasn’t much time for feelings to develop or romance to grow. The two of them went to Bonfire Academy for two years together and after meeting in Manhattan they instantly became a couple. Eh, just a little too pushy, maybe…

Despite the cluttered number of characters I still loved the idea Imogen had. I wanted more of everything which was my major issue. There was so much going on that there wasn’t much time for a satisfying development in my opinion. I liked the mystery and loved all the creative paranormal aspects. But since I can’t really go into much detail I feel like my review is too vague. Simply put I really enjoyed Faustine! I will definitely be reading more in the Bonfire Chronicles and I was already planning on reading Imogen’s other YA series. Faustine is an excellent YA paranormal read that I know a lot of people will enjoy.

P.S. (cover talk)

I like it. I like the font choice and the fact that Faustine has red eyes…or eye for that matter =) (Trust me it ties into the story)


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