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Review: Cameo and the Highwayman

Cameo and the Highwayman
Dawn McCullough-White

Series or Stand Alone: Cameo series, book two

Series Order: Cameo the Assassin (2010), Cameo and the Vampire (TBD)

Release Date: November 2010 (ebook)

Publisher: Claypipe Press

Pages: 210 (ebook)

Author Site:

My Rating: 3.75/5

Source: Received for review from author


The land of Shandow is a place of arctic cold. It was the scene of the bloody revolution, and is the location of the item Cameo's master wants so badly.

In the dark of winter a vampire lies in wait...

...Opal is unable to run from his past... and Cameo must make a choice that will cost her the last shred of humanity she has left.


I really enjoy seeing the growth authors go through with their writing styles and story development. I had a few personal issues with the first book, Cameo the Assassin, and I’m very happy with the turnout of Cameo and the Highwayman. Even though it’s the second book in the series, Cameo and the Highwayman can be read without having previous knowledge of the story. It does pick up days after the first book ends though.

Cameo is on the hunt for something for her Master and Shandow is where she’s headed. There’s another vampire in Cameo’s life and even though he may not be as brutal as her Master he’s still equally as dangerous. His interference in Cameo’s life will be the first of many things that drastically change for Cameo and the friends she’s traveling with.

I’ve come to really like and care for Cameo. She’s an ex-assassin who is starting to let people into her heart and life, despite the fact that it’s extremely dangerous to get close to anybody. Her Master, Haffef, is cruel. He destroys any and everything that is important to his thralls and he does it just for the fun of it. So it was really great to see Cameo risk everything for the love of friends. And of course Black Opal remains to be a favorite character of mine. This installment of the series was quite a roller coaster ride for him with some of his past revealed. I refuse to spoil anything but it was an exceptional twist in the story. The plot was a little bit slower but it makes sense and fits into the storyline.

I enjoyed the background political scenes as well which has a lot to do with this installment. I felt I needed more information on the setting of the story in the first novel. I’m happy with Dawn provided in Cameo and the Highwayman. Overall, I felt the second book was a very good improvement for Dawn and a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to read the next book!!

P.S. (cover talk)

I love the fact that it features Opal!



Suzy Turner said...

This sounds very unusual and the review certainly intrigues me, so thanks for the introduction!
Another reason why I wanted to check it out is the fact that my uncle did our family tree a few years back and discovered one of our ancestors was a highwayman!
Suzy Turner, Author of YA urban fantasy

❤ Stephanie said...

This series sounds interesting. I can't wait to read it :)


Anonymous said...

The plot thickens! Cameo really grew in the second book. Not only do we find out more about most of the characters' pasts, but we also see how it draws them together.

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Love it! It's awesome when book two is even better than book 1.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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