Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday [79] - Flashback


The United States is near total collapse. But 87% of the population doesn't care: they're addicted to flashback, a drug that allows its users to re-experience the best moments of their lives. After ex-detective Nick Bottom's wife died in a car accident, he went under the flash to be with her; he's lost his job, his teenage son, and his livelihood as a result.

Nick may be a lost soul but he's still a good cop, so he is hired to investigate the murder of a top governmental advisor's son. This flashback-addict becomes the one man who may be able to change the course of an entire nation turning away from the future to live in the past.

A provocative novel set in a future that seems scarily possible, FLASHBACK proves why Dan Simmons is one of our most exciting and versatile writers.

Reason: I haven't read a novel by Dan Simmons yet but I've heard he's a really great writer. Flashback sounds really good, plain and simple. I want it and I shall have it!

Cover Discussion: It's vibrant and scary. I think it sets the mood of the novel nicely. It definitely makes me want to get it or at least pick it up to see what it's about.

Expected Release Date: July 1st


Brigitte said...

Ooh. Looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of a graphic novel I used to read.

Mishel said...

Brigitte - Really, that's awesome? Do you remember the graphic novel?

Brigitte said...

It's a manga by my favorite artist, Kazuya Minekura, called Wild Adapter. The drug, though, gives people animal-like features. Unfortunately, she stopped publishing the series since she's an avid chain-smoker and underwent a few surgeries recently. :S

Kari said...

Looks like possibly a good book. I'll have to try this one!

M.A.D. said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one - Flashback sounds exciting!!!
I've long been a fan of Dan Simmons, first discovered him via his vampire novels: Children of the Night, etc.

My favorite work of his, thus far lol, has got to be Terror. Simmons has a knack for incredibly realistic detail putting the reader right in the drivers seat. :D

Anonymous said...

This doesn't look good at all. Caliphate in Europe and reconquista in the southwestern US? Dan's gone off the deep end, methinks.

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