Sunday, November 07, 2010

Shrinking the TBR Pile [1]

So what's the purpose of this meme? I know a lot of us have a towering pile of TBR books and it's tough to choose which book to dig in to next. So why not number the books and randomly choose a couple to read for the upcoming week?... Super smart huh?

I have a lot of commitment books to be read for review at the moment so I'm only going to be picking one book (instead of three) each week for right now until I can get that specific pile o' books down (too many piles of books in my room, trust me).

The lucky winner in this week's draw is:

Corresponding book:

Glass Houses :: Rachel Caine

Now the question is will I get to this book??
 I'm hoping when the new year starts I'll be more smart about picking the books I accept to review. I do know that I'll be concentrating way more on getting my TBR pile down though.

**This brilliant meme was started by Ashley at What's Your Story? Be sure to visit and participate. But not only is she a genius for making this meme up but she also has a pretty great blog! I highly recommend you go check her out.**


Anonymous said...

Since last February, I have been a follower and now
my TBR shelves are groaning. Last night, I picked four out of the first stack and took them to the living room. It seems sometimes the cover "calls" to me like a siren and makes the decision easier!

Carol Wong

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, this was one book I just yesterday took away from my wishlist, cos the list is freaking huge ;)

Cheryl said...

I have a ton of books to read to. What i did was go to and had it pick a number from 1-26 (for the alphabet). It came up with 21 which I was thinking was T so I went through all my books starting with T and put them in a pile. Now when I am thinking about it, it should have been U for number 21. Oh well, it was a way to help me anyway.

Ashley said...

Hey! Thanks so much for participating in my meme! The post is up, so you can sign the Mr. Linky if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a fan of the system as it's how I choose most of the books I'm going to read :)

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