Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday [55] - Dust

Nine years ago, Jessie had a family. Now, she has a gang.
Nine years ago, Jessie was a vegetarian. Now, she eats very fresh meat.
Nine years ago, Jessie was in a car crash and died. Nine years ago, Jessie was human.
Now, she’s not.
After she was buried, Jessie awoke and tore through the earth to arise, reborn, as a zombie. Jessie’s gang is the Fly-by-Nights. She loves the ancient, skeletal Florian and his memories of time gone by. She’s in love with Joe, a maggot-infested corpse. They fight, hunt, dance together as one—something humans can never understand. There are dark places humans have learned to avoid, lest they run into the zombie gangs.
But now, Jessie and the Fly-by-Nights have seen new creatures in the woods—things not human and not zombie. A strange new illness has flamed up out of nowhere, causing the undeads to become more alive and the living to exist on the brink of death. As bits and pieces of the truth fall around Jessie, like the flesh off her bones, she’ll have to choose between looking away or staring down the madness—and hanging onto everything she has come to know as life…
Reason: This definitely sounds like a brand new twist to the zombie world. I'm very excited to see what the novel has in store for its readers.
Cover Discussion:  The cover is unique just like the synopsis. I love the leaf image and the way it looks like it's decaying. I'm looking forward to seeing the connection between the cover and the story itself.

will be released September 7th!

What are you waiting on this week?
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Lenore said...

I love the way they've done the leaf on the cover. Very striking.

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I totally agree with you Lenore =)

Heather H. said...

Wow, this book sounds great! I'll have to keep an eye out for it in September. Hopefully it'll live up to its unique, intriguing premise.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

This sounds great. I really do love zombie stories and how authors mix up the paranormal norm.

thanks for sharing!


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