Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday [54] - The Art of Devotion

In the tradition of bestselling authors Ian McEwan and Anne Enright, Samantha Bruce-Benjamin’s brilliant and timeless debut unveils the dark side of human nature as four women share the poignant tale of love, obsession, and ultimate betrayal that binds them forever.

Have we all not wished to keep forever the one person we love the most?

The secluded beaches of a sun-drenched Mediterranean island are the perfect playground for young Sebastian and Adora. Emotionally adrift from their mother, Adora shelters her sensitive older brother from the cruelties of the world. Sophie does not question her children’s intense need for one another until it’s too late. Her beloved son’s affections belong to Adora, and when he drowns in the sea, she has no one else to blame.

Still heartbroken years later, Adora fills her emptiness with Genevieve, the precocious young daughter of her husband’s business associate and his jealous wife, Miranda. Thrilled to be invited into the beautiful and enigmatic Adora’s world, the child idolizes her during their summers together. Yet, as the years progress, Genevieve begins to suspect their charmed existence is nothing more than a carefully crafted illusion. Soon, she too is ensnared in a web of lies.

Stunningly told in the tragic voices of four women whose lives are fatefully entangled, The Art of Devotion is evocative and haunting, a story of deceit, jealousy, and the heartbreaking reality of love’s true power.


Reason: While on one hand the synopsis makes me think the book will be somewhat confusing, there's still something from the few short paragraphs that makes me want to read the book. It definitely could be worth the while!

Cover Discussion: The background picture with the woman is simply stunning. I don't know how much I like the animated graphic-like plant pictures in the front. It definitely adds color but the contrast is a little off.

The Art of Devotion will be released June 8th!

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Allison said...

I hadn't heard of this, and it sounds VERY good. I also love the cover, very pretty.

Mary said...

Sounds like it could be good. I've liked the few Ian McEwan books I've read. As for the cover, I like the depth of color. The added graphics give it a lush,tropical feel.

mis(h)takes said...

I really like the cover too and I agree Mary it does add a tropical feel...I just don't like that it looks... "fake" lol.

Karen Mahoney said...

I totally owed you a visit (it was great seeing you at my 'place' today)!


I adore that cover. So pretty... Yeah, I'm not sure about the graphics, but I don't think they detract from how beautiful it is overall.


Karen Mahoney said...

OMG, I forgot to say: congrats! ;)

*gentle hugs*

Hope you're feeling well this close to The End.

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