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Day 308 - Q&A with Author Lisa Rusczyk (& GIVEAWAY)

I'm very happy to bring everyone an interview with author Lisa Rusczyk today. I reviewed her latest book, THE BLUE PEN, yesterday and I really enjoyed it.


A little background info before we go on:

Lisa Rusczyk lives in North Alabama, US, with four cats inside and about 20 cows outside. She is amazed at how much cows eat. She writes in many different genres and has two new urban fantasy novels coming out by Club Lighthouse Publishing in October and November.

You can visit her blog here!


Me: Tell us a little bit about yourself Lisa.

Lisa: I am a novelist and freelance writer who loves cats. I just got engaged and will be married in about a year. I love reading, watching movies, listening and playing music - anything art makes me very happy.

Me: THE BLUE PEN is unlike anything I’ve ever really read before. Can you describe the book and its themes?

Lisa: The book is about Parker, a magazine writer, who interviews Cleo, a homeless woman, for her life story. The book goes from Parker’s point of view to Cleo’s. There are themes of the paranormal and mental illness, as well as family secrets.

Me: Are any of the situations in your book based on real life experiences?

Lisa: Some of it was. I don’t want to say much about it because I want readers to draw their own conclusions about Cleo and her story.

Me: What inspired you to write THE BLUE PEN?

Lisa: I liked the idea of an underground club where people got up on an improv stage. I also thought a lot about what might make someone choose to live on the streets as opposed to being forced to.

Me: What were the best and worst parts about writing it?

Lisa: The best part was just plain-out writing it. I enjoyed it each time I sat down to type. The worst was that it took five years. I wrote it in spurts.

Me: Did you have to do any research? If so, can you describe how that went?

Lisa: I researched some history about Powelton Village and found some really interesting things. I wanted to include them because they were huge events that happened there during the time Cleo lived there, but they didn’t have anything to do with the story, so I left them out.

Me: If you could write a book about absolutely anything (fiction or nonfiction) with another author (dead or alive) what would it be about and who would be your co-author?

Lisa: Wow, awesome question. Have to think about that one. (Comes back an hour later.) I’d have to say Shakespeare about the Internet boom. I’d just watch and learn and clap inappropriately.

Me: Are you currently working on any other books?

Lisa: I am mainly focusing on a middle grade novel about cats. It’s been a blast to write and I am using my cats as the main characters.

Me: What would you like readers of The Blue Pen to take away from your book?

Lisa: I hope mostly they would be entertained and enjoy the read. I also would be happy if readers liked to think about the similarites between mental illness symptoms and paranormal experiences.

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Lisa: If anyone has any smoked bratwurst recipes they want to contribute, I have 3 dollars and some bratwurst in the fridge and I’m trying to figure out something to make with it for dinner!

Me: Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer some questions. And also a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your novel.

Lisa: Thank you so much for reading the book and for having me on your blog. Great blog, by the way!


Lisa's has generously allowed me to giveaway a .pdf copy of THE BLUE PEN. I know some people have a tough time with eBooks so just be aware that this is an eBook.

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