Thursday, October 08, 2009

Day 305 - Threadless Thursday [4]


Your Mission - should you accept:

1. Visit one of the following (awesome) t-shirt companies and choose your favorite out of the newest batch.
2. Post your pick on your blog so we can all contemplate emptying our pockets for it.Make sure to leave a link to the page you got it from so we can visit.

3. Come back here and leave a link to your post.

4. Show other fellow t-shirt junkies love by commenting on their choice.


Today's t-shirt is coming from BustedTees =) To comment on the t-shirt itself: I proudly admit that I do like Pokemon. Yes, I'm a nerd. But this shirt made me laugh. If you check out the link you can see the description, it made me giggle too...


Kate said...

I like this T-Shirt from Snorg Tees:

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