Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 31 - Book Arrivals

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love receiving books in the mail. Everytime I see the box waiting for me at the front door, or see the UPS guy drive up, I jump up and down...seriously lol. So yesterday when I came home from dinner I saw my beloved brown box anxiously waiting on my porch. I clapped my hands together and giggled like a little school girl. My love laughed at me the entire time (=

Wanna see what was inside?

But sadly these will have to wait, except for the two graphic novels (which I'm oh so excited to dive into), because I have some sitting in my room waiting patiently to be read...Maybe next time I'll take real photos. That would have been an excellent idea.

And as a wonderful P.S. :
One of my favorite authors, Ms. Marjorie M. Liu (author of the Dirk & Steele Series and her new Hunter Kiss series), has generously chosen me as the winner of her two audio books - The Iron Hunt and A Taste of Crimson. I am so excited!! Thank you so much Marjorie (=


Phantom Inkheart. said...

That must've been one big box! They all look like interesting reads, and yay for winning those audio books! :)

I love the library, it has saved me from buying a lot of unworthy books for my collection. I almost always have at least one book or author in my head when I go to the library, even if I'm not intending to check it out, I like going over to the shelf to look at it and see how long it is. :p lol, I'd say it's about time you went to the library then!

Zeek said...

WOO HOO! What a haul!

I really need to get my butt over to borders soon!

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