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Two for the Dough

Two for the Dough
Janet Evanovich

Series or Stand Alone: Stephanie Plum series, book two

Release Date: September 1996

Publisher: Pocket

Pages: 312

Author Site:

My Rating: 3.75/5


Synopsis [from]:

From the author of One for the Money comes the second clever comic mystery featuring irrepressible bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Here, Stephanie finds herself on the trail of a killer who happens to have a distant relative who's a vice cop with questionable ethics, a libido in permanent overdrive, and a habit of horning in on Stephanie's investigations.


Stephanie Plum continues to make me giggle. She's not the typical kick-ass heroine that is gracing many of the newly released books today, but she is tough and definitley has luck on her side. TWO FOR THE DOUGH continues Stephanie's life as a bounty hunter. A new job comes in featuring a cousin of Joe Morelli's, named Kenny Mancuso, who is in a heap load of trouble for shooting his best friend. But he doesn't stop there as he's soon looking at a murder rap after the best friend is found dead. Things get quirkier as the story continues and Stephanie finds an unlikely partner in her Grandma Mazur. The two of them end up hitting up many local funeral parlors in hopes of catching Stephanie's bounty.

Grandma Mazur is one of the best characters in TWO FOR THE DOUGH. Her attitude and the things that come out of her mouth definitely had me laughing out loud. I fully admit I'm in love in Stephanie's family. Not one I'd like to have myself lol but one I'd like to go over and have dinner with as often as possible =)

While I didn't love this one as much as book one, I still really enjoyed it. It's full of action, hilarious moments, and kept me turning those pages. I'm looking forward to continuing on with all the characters in book three. I'm sure Janet Evanovich will have Stephanie in more adventures that will go horribly wrong and still keep the reader laughing.


lilly said...

I actually liked part two better than one and I agree than Grandma Mazur is a hoot.

mis(h)takes said...

I did really like the book but I just remember book one leaving a more lasting impression on me than this one. Are you caught up with the series Lilly?

Melange said...

I read this quite some time ago. If you're interested in what I had to say check out my review. Yours was great!

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