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Sister of the Dead

Sister of the Dead
Barb & J.C. Hendee

Series or Stand Alone: Noble Dead series, book three

Release Date: January 2005

Publisher: Roc

Pages: 416

My Rating: 4/5


Synopsis [from]:
Magiere is a dhampir — half human, half vampire — sired for the purpose of slaying the undead. Outside the village of Chemestúk, where she was born and raised, stands her father's keep. Within its walls, she hopes to discover the secrets of her past and figure out why a vampire would wish to breed a creature capable of slaughtering his own kind....

But there are those who don't want Magiere to learn the truth — and when her half-elf partner, Leesil, makes a startling discovery in the keep, he can understand why. Before Leesil can reveal the truth to Magiere, they must vanquish a creature of unimaginable and unlimited power who has damned a small village of people with a horrifying curse...


**Caution: This review may contain minor spoilers...

SISTER OF THE DEAD is a great contribution to the Noble Dead series. I think it's really a spotlight for development on the characters and their background. The authors know how to throw twists in the plot to make a reader think and re-think certain aspects of the story. I appreciated the efforts they made and had a blast sifting "discovering" things along with the characters themselves. Old mysterious are resolved while new ones are being created.

I was slightly disappointed when I opened SISTER OF THE DEAD up because right in the front is a map and a pronounciation guide... If some of you remember from my review of the first book, I praised it for being a fantasy read that didn't need such things. Now I must admit I understand the need for both items. There is quite a lot of Elvin language going on in this installment and to be honest I didn't really pay it too much attention. I rarely looked at the pronounciation guide and sort of skimmed the foreign language. But I do understand if some readers needed or wanted it to be included.

On the other hand, I happily admit I welcomed the map. I glanced back quite a few times in reference to some of the places they ended up visiting. The characters are traveling and exploring more of the land then what was first introduced. At the conclusion of THIEF OF LIVES, Magiere and Leesil have decided what their future plans are. After Leesil finds out his elvish mother is still alive after all these years he decides he must know her fate. And Magiere wants to know why she was created. Why would a Noble Dead create something that could destroy his own kind?

The first part of their journey is to find out about more about Magiere's past. Magiere's birth is more complex than anyone could have anticipated. And let me just say... a lot is revealed by the time the book is over! If you haven't given this series I try yet, I ask "What are you waiting for?" =)


Kate said...

This sounds like an interesting read! Superb review. I'd not heard of "Sister of the Dead" before.

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

Yep, I feel the same way about maps and pronunciation guides but I was glad for it in this book too. When there are too many odd names that are hard to pronounce, I just start making my own names up. LOL! Great review, I'm glad your still enjoying this series.

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