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Blog Tour Review: Warrior Reborn

Warrior Reborn
KH LeMoyne

Series or Stand Alone: The Guardians of Eden series, book two
Release Date: April 2011

Publisher: Digital Crystal Press

Pages: 290 (e-book)

Author Site:

My Rating: 4.25/5

Source: Received for review from The Bookish Snob Promotions


They are the Guardians of Eden; each created with a unique supernatural talent.

Having successfully hidden her abilities from humans for two hundred years, Briet quietly applies the gifts of cellular-level vision to help patients in need. Until she meets her human soul-mate, Jason Ballard.

Jason holds the reigns to the protocol Briet’s patients’ need for recovery. But can she trust a man all too human and grounded in his world to understand hers, much less believe her? When a deadly threat targets her patients, he is the only one she trusts to help stop an evil only the two of them can fight.

Jason has a perfect success rate for delivering of new drugs from test-to-market. Used to influencing people, rules and guidelines delineate every facet of his professional and personal life. The last thing he expects is to be tempted to waiver by the new spitfire doctor on his latest test team. Especially as she starts stirring up issues. Dangerous issues. Issues flagging jeopardy for the lives of the children in the test. Issues the drug manufacturer, his employer, would prefer be ignored. An unacceptable outcome, forcing Jason to walk a dangerous line between job and conscience as he plunges with Briet to ferret out the twisted scheme in time to save her patients.


I have such a soft spot for paranormal books that involve the topic of soul mates. It was actually Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series that started my love for paranormal romance. Her Carpathian series is very big about lifemates and finding one’s other half. The Guardians of Eden series reminds me of the Carpathians but only in the soul mate aspect of the stories. KH LeMoyne’s Guardians are very different from the Carpathians. I might have even enjoyed the Guardians and their unique characteristics a little bit more than my beloved Carpathians. I’ll have to read more of the series to make a conclusive decision but I’m really looking forward to more of LeMoyen’s writing and her Guardians.

Warrior Reborn is the second in the Guardian of Eden series and is fine to start if you haven’t read the first book, even for those like me who anally like to read things in order. Briet is a very compassionate female lead. She cares so much for the children she works with as a doctor in the human world. Her unique Guardian ability to see the human body at the molecular level helps in her current work in a new drug trial in treating cancer. I knew from the very beginning when she started questioning her findings that it was going to cause trouble for her.

Jason more or less manages the drug trial for the pharmaceutical company. Briet realizes very early on that he is her mate and struggles with how to let Jason know. Jason’s past and his personality make Briet hesitate on whether he’ll be able to accept the reality of the Guardians. I thought it admirable that Briet was willing to sacrifice so much for Jason. And watching Jason slowly come to terms with his feelings towards Briet was very satisfying.

Ansgar, who is a Guardian himself, is Briet’s very overprotective brother but his actions are both understandable and sometimes warranted. Although Briet is very independent she can be forgetful and somewhat reckless at times. Ansgar is a very nice contrast to Briet’s personality and the obvious love between the two is a nice addition to Briet’s story. I’m actually really looking forward to Ansgar’s story…whenever that may come around =)

Warrior Reborn was a great surprise of a read. While the writing wasn’t always spot on for me I found the style, characters, and storyline very enjoyable. I think I’m really going to like The Guardian of Eden series. I’ll be going back to read Turen (the newly proclaimed leader of the Guardians) story and I can’t wait to read Tsu’s story which should be book 3. I can see a lot of people coming to really like the unique aspects of KH LeMoyne’s Guardians. I know I certainly do!

P.S. (cover talk)

I like that the cover depicts Briet. The cover model is gorgeous and I like that it goes well with book one’s cover.


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