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Review & Giveaway: Recovery

Alexandrea Weis

Series or Stand Alone: Nicci Beauvoir series, book two

Series Order: To My Senses (2007), Sacrifice (TBA)

Release Date: March 2011

Publisher: CreateSpace

Pages: 296

Author Site:

My Rating: 4.25/5

Source: Received for review from author


A killer is lurking among the ruins of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

A killer she knows.

Still devastated two years after the mysterious murder of her beloved David Alexander, Nicci Beauvoir surprises everyone in the Big Easy by returning to her hometown with a new admirer: the cool and contentious Dallas August. But the attractive stranger is asking a lot of questions about David’s death, making Nicci’s family and friends speculate about his true intentions. Only Nicci knows that Dallas, a high-priced corporate spy, has come to New Orleans to flush out David Alexander’s killer. Playing the part of her lover, Dallas escorts Nicci around town hoping to get closer to his possible suspects. But hiding amid the city’s elite is a jealous maniac waiting to make Nicci suffer. As the days pass and the danger grows, Nicci’s relationship with the handsome spy turns from adversarial to amorous. Desperate to unearth the identity of David’s murderer, Nicci and Dallas decide to lure the killer out of the city for one final showdown. It is a deadly decision that could cost Nicci everything. But it may be her only chance for… Recovery


I came across a review of Recovery not too long ago at Jackie’s blog (House Wife Blues and Chihuahua Stories) that really got me interested in the book. After reading the comments I left on her review, Jackie contacted me, along with Alexandrea, to set up a possible review on my blog for her novel. I’m so glad I came across Jackie’s review because I really enjoyed Recovery and Alexandrea is such a pleasure to work with!

Although Recovery is the second book in a series, it can be read as a stand alone novel. I hate reading out of order and I will admit I would prefer to have read book one, To My Senses, first. Nicci Beauvoir is slowly adjusting to life without David. Losing the only man she’s ever really loved has taken a very heavy toll on Nicci. And now that she’s published her first novel she’s trying very hard to come to terms with her loss. That is until she finds out that David’s murder may have not have been just a random act of violence but could have a lot to do with Nicci and her presence in his life. Enter: Dallas August.

Dallas, a very close friend of David’s, is a spy that has been hired to find David’s killer. He also works for the same high-priced employer that David did. He’s got a very cold demeanor but he is extremely precise and is very good at what he does. He tags along as Nicci’s new lover when she returns to post-Katrina New Orleans after her book promotion. And although her family is highly suspicious of Dallas, he’s determined to get closer to the people in Nicci’s life in order to eliminate suspects. Neither is prepared for the passion that slowly starts to burn between them despite the dangerous surroundings.

So Alexandrea provides enough background information for the book to be read by itself. However, I felt a little left out since book one was about David and Nicci. But I’m just being a whiney baby. Reading Recovery has only made me want to read To My Senses that much more. Although I liked Dallas and Nicci, my favorite characters were Nicci’s family, her father and uncle in particular. I’m a sucker for romance and paranormal things but if you give me characters that can have hilariously written dialogue I am a happy, happy camper. Nicci’s family is dysfunctional but fun and I had such a great time with them. But I’ll happily admit the banter and tension between Nicci Dallas was equally fun!

I enjoyed being able to feel the author’s obvious love and respect for New Orleans through her writing. I haven’t been there myself, before or after Katrina, and I can’t imagine the devastation that the storm caused for the beloved city. Alexandrea’s descriptions were powerfully written and an important aspect of the novel since the city meant a lot to Nicci as well.

I’m looking forward to what awaits Nicci and Dallas in the next installment and I’ll definitely be reading To My Senses so I can catch up with everything. Recovery is a great mystery/romance novel that is fast-paced and filled with really fantastic characters.

P.S. (cover talk)

I like the New Orleans style feel to it.

I have 3 paperback copies of Recovery up for grabs courtesy of the lovely Alexandrea Weis.

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jackie b central texas said...

Mishel glad you enjoyed it and happy that you did the Q&A that I did not have time for with Ms. Weis.. If you enjoyed Recovery you will enjoy To My Senses too.... I on the other hand am really looking forward to book 3...

Tweeted the giveaway, hope it draws some entries for you...

Denise Z said...

Thank you for the lovely review and giveaway opportunity. This looks really good!

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